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Kerioth - cities. (Hebrew: Kriyot קְרִיּוֹת)

  1. A town in the south of Judea (Joshua 15:25). Judas Iscariot was probably a native of this place, and hence his name Iscariot. It has been identified with the ruins of el-Kureitein, about 10 miles south of Hebron. (See Hazor).
  2. A city of Moab (Jeremiah 48:24,48:41), called Kirioth (Amos 2:2).

 This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domainEaston, Matthew George (1897). "article name needed". Easton's Bible Dictionary (New and revised ed.). T. Nelson and Sons. 

Coordinates: 31°20′42″N 35°07′28″E / 31.3449522°N 35.1243756°E / 31.3449522; 35.1243756