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A part of South Kerr Hall

Kerr Hall is a series of four buildings in a square forming the Ryerson Community Park, also known as the Quad, on the campus of Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The site of the former Toronto Normal School. All but a portion of the Normal School's front façade was demolished in the late 1950s to enable the construction of:

  • Kerr Hall East - 340 Church Street and 60 Gould Street
  • Kerr Hall West - 379 Victoria Street
  • Kerr Hall North - 31 and 43 Gerrard Street East
  • Kerr Hall South - 40 and 50 Gould Street

The current building was built from the early 1960s to 1969 and designed by architect Burwell R. Coon. Until 1963, Kerr Hall surrounded the site of the Toronto Normal School.[1]

Facade of Toronto Normal School serves as entrance to the Ryerson University Recreation and Athletics Centre

The middle of Kerr Hall is the tree lined Ryerson Community Park.

Kerr Hall is named for the school's first principal, Howard Hillen Kerr.


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