Kerstin Granstedt

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Kerstin Granstedt
Medal record
Competitor for  Sweden
Women's Orienteering
World Championships
Gold medal – first place 1966 Fiskars Relay
Silver medal – second place 1968 Linköping Relay
Bronze medal – third place 1968 Linköping Individual

Kerstin Granstedt is a Swedish orienteering competitor. She became Relay World Champion in Fiskars in 1966, as a member of the Swedish winning team, with Eivor Steen-Olsson and Gunborg Åhling.[1][2] She finished fourth in the individual event at these championships, which were the very first World Championships in Orienteering.

At the 1968 World Orienteering Championships in Linköping Granstedt won an individual bronze medal, and a silver medal in the relay event together with Gun-Britt Nyberg and Ulla Lindkvist.[1]


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