Khachatur of Taron

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Khachatur Tarontsi
Native name
Խաչատուր Տարոնցի
Born12th century
Taron, Greater Armenia
Haghartsin Monastery, Tavush, Armenia
Occupation(s)Poet, composer, cleric

Khachatur of Taron or Khatchatur Tarontsi (Armenian: Խաչատուր Տարոնցի, born Taron, Greater Armenia, 12th century - died 1184, at Haghartsin Monastery) was an Armenian poet, musician and religious figure, who wrote a number of medieval sharakans.

It is known that he was born in Taron and eventually settled in Eastern Armenia during the Zakarid period. During this time, the first few decades of the thirteenth century, the region was enjoying relative prosperity and development. In the 1230s, he was put in charge of the monastery of Haghartsin, in the province of Dzorapor. From Western Armenia he brought with him to Dzorapor many spiritual chants transcribed in the khaz notation. As elsewhere, this system of musical notation was gradually replaced by the system still in use today.[1]


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