Khalid Abdulrahman

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Khalid Abdulrahman
Khalid Abdulrahman, Suadi singer.jpg
Background information
Birth name Khalid Abdulrahman
Born (1955-04-22) April 22, 1955 (age 62)
Origin Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Genres Saudi Arabian, Arabic Music
Occupation(s) Singer, Composer songwriter
Instruments oud
Years active 80's – present

Khalid Abdulrahman (Arabic: خالد عبدالرحمن‎) (born April 22, 1965 in Riyadhh, Saudi Arabia) is a Saudi singer, musician, poet, and songwriter.[1][2][3] He first published poetry under the pseudonym "Mukhawi Al Layl" (مخاوي الليل) which roughly translates to 'Night Dweller' before revealing his true identity. He regarded the night as his close friend because he used to stay up late writing poems in the night silence. He is one of the region’s most popular vocalists[citation needed] alongside Mohammed Abdu, Abdul Majid Abdullah and Rashed Al-Majed. Unlike most singers, he gained fame[citation needed] from his first album, "Sarihini" (Arabic: صارحيني), which was the beginning of a series of successful albums.[citation needed] He gained a large number of fans in a short period of time.[citation needed] So, he successfully competed with popular singers in the Arab world.[citation needed] Though Khalid didn't want to be famous for his singing as he wanted to be for his poetry and retired for a month, but peers and fellow artist urged him to take up singing again.

He started singing in 1981. Some of his top songs are ahat (Arabic:اهات) ,sarihini (Arabic: صارحيني), sudiqini (Arabic: صدقيني), khuberooh (Arabic: خبروه), tedhkar (Arabic :تذكار), and al-ata (Arabic العطا) and a lot more. He released an album Rouh Rouhey (Arabic: روح روحي‎) (Soul of my Soul) in 2008. It contains 8 songs which looked like his last album because the death of his friend Prince Sultan-Bin-Abdulazeez. At the last moment he changed his mind and continued his career, Khalideat 2010 (Arabic:خالديات), Thani 2013 (Arabic:ثاني), La Yrooh Balk 2014 (Arabic:لا يروح بالك) Al Hob Alkabeer 2016 (Arabic:الحب الكبير).


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