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Khanapara is a locality in Guwahati, Assam, India.[1] Located in extreme south of Guwahati, it is hub for regional transportation. The Assam Public Service Commission, Assam Administrative Staff College , The College of Veterinary Science is located here with other offices of Veterinary department of Assam.[2] Ganesh Mandir Indoor Stadium and Regional Science Centre are located here.[3] This locality is also famous for its Teer Game which is played by people all over the Assam and Meghalaya.[4] The old name of Khanapara was Kainapara. Kaina is a Khasi word, which means elephant, while Para in Khasi language means human settlements or colony.

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Coordinates: 26°06′N 91°49′E / 26.100°N 91.817°E / 26.100; 91.817