Khaste lake

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khaste lake
खास्टे ताल
Khaste lake
Image of Khaste lake taken by AmRit Ghimire
Location Lekhnath-3,4,6 Kharane Phant
Type lake
Primary inflows From Neureni lake
Primary outflows Taal khola (ताल खोला)
Catchment area 21 ha (0.081 sq mi)
Basin countries Nepal
Surface area total: 24.8030 hectares (61.290 acres)
water: 13.7370 hectares (33.945 acres)[1]
Settlements Kharane Phant,Rakhi

Khaste Lake is a freshwater lake located in the Lekhnath municipality at Kharane phant of Nepal.[2] The lake is located in Ward No Lekhnath 3, 4 and 6.

It covers an area of 24.8030 hectares (61.290 acres) and the water area is 13.7370 hectares (33.945 acres). Since some years, Pisciculture has been conducted in this lake. The area, known as ‘Bird Wetland’ is best suited as a bird watching lake, as the Siberian, Indian and Afghani birds come here to protect themselves from the cold. This area is a potential Research centre for the birds of different species.[3]


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