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Directed by Bahman Motamedian
Produced by Bahman Motamedian
Esmaeil Mirzaei Ghomi
Written by Bahman Motamedian
Music by Iman Vaziri
Cinematography Homayoon Paivar
Edited by Bahman Motamedian
Behzad Mosleh
Distributed by Celluloid Dreams
Release dates
  • 2008 (2008)
Running time
76 minutes
Country Iran
Language Persian

Khastegi (Persian: خستگی; also known as Tedium and Sex My Life) is a 2008 Persian independent film written and directed by Bahman Motamedian and produced in Iran. It was shown at the 65th Venice International Film Festival in 2008.


Khastegi (aka Tedium) tells the story of seven Iranian transsexuals living in Tehran.[1]


Awards and nominations[edit]


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