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Caliphate and Kingship (Urdu: خِلافت و مُلوکیت) is a book written by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi as a refutation of The caliphate of Mu'awiyah and Yazid, written by a Pakistani scholar, Mahmud Abbasi. This book discussed the end of caliphate and start of kingship in Muslim history. It also discuss the reasons for end of caliphate, Era of Uthman ibn Affan, conflict between Ali and Mu'awiyah and concept of caliphate in Islam.


This book tells about the rules of Islamic caliphate. It said that Caliph is selected by the majority votes of Muslims. Caliphate always works in the outline given by Islam. The book discussed the era of Uthman, Third Caliph, and the events occur at that time. It said that unrest in the society starts in the era because of some unpopular decisions by the government. After Uthman, Ali was selected as a Caliph by majority of Muslims. Book look Mu'awiyah as rebel Governor of Syria. Book also discussed about the simplicity of Ali and cleverness of Mu'awiyah. After the peace agreement of Hassan and Mu'awiyah, Mu'awiyah became first King of Muslim History. It also tell us about the different factional groups of that time.


Maulana Maududi write his book on the base of authentic Islamic history books e.g. Tareekh al umam wal malook, Tareekh al Kamil, Albidaya wal nihaya, authentic hadith books Sahih Bukhari and Muslim and their commentaries Fatah ul bari, faiz ul bari, Tareekh al khulafa. Tareekh al umam wal malook written by ALLAMA IBNE JARIR TABRI, Tareekh al Kamil written by Allama Ibne Aseer, Albidaya wal nihaya written by Allama Ibne Kasir, Fatah ul bari written by Allama Ibne Hijar asqalani, Faiz ul bari written by Allama Anwar Shah Kshmiri, Ahkam al quran written by Imam Abu Bkar Jssas, Usud al Ghaba written by Allama Ibne Aseer, Alistayab written by Allama ibne Abdul Bar, Tareekh al Khulafa written by Imam suyuti, Tahzeeb at tahzeeb written by Allama ibne hijar asqalani, Jamiul Bayan fi Tafseer al Quran by Imam Ibne Jarir Tabri, Rooh ul Maani by Allama syed mehmood aalusi Baghdadi, Umda tul Qari sharah Sahi Bukhari by Allam Badar uddin Aini Hanafi, Minhaj al Sunnah by Imam Ibne Taimiyah, Muqaddama ibne Khaladoon by Allam Ibne Khaladoon, Musnad imam Ahmed bin Hanbal, Mustadrik by Imam Hakim, Kitab Al Khiraj by Imam abu Yusuf, Mishtaak Al Masabeh, etc. .

Muslim view[edit]

Muslims appreciate this book because maulana maududi explain that how khilafat was changed in to kingdom.This book is very populer among Arab countries and many theologian appreciate this book.

Sunni view[edit]

Not all Sunnis scholars appreciate this book, and some have written books in refutation of both this book and the book this book is trying to refute.

Shi'a view[edit]

Shi'as quote this work quite often, since it expresses views quite close to the Shi'a view in regards to Banu Umayyad dynasty.

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