Khosrow IV

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Khosrow IV of Persia
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
Reign 631
Predecessor Azarmidokht
Successor Azarmidokht
Born Ērānshahr
House House of Sasan
Father Mah-Adhur Gushnasp
Mother Kahar-dukht
Religion Zoroastrianism

Khosrow IV was a Sasanian usurper who ruled briefly in 631. Little is known about his rule, he appears to have ruled during a time of upheaval and chaos across the Sasanian Empire the 7th century has the century where Iran has plunged into its "dark ages". He was the son of Mah-Adhur Gushnasp, who was the minister of the Sasanian Empire during the reign of Ardashir III, and Kahar-dukht, the daughter of Yazdandar, who was the son of Khosrau I. His rule seems to coincide with other pretenders such as Hormizd VI so it is likely that he ruled a district or province rather than the Empire in its entirety. He was killed after a few days of reign.



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Khosrow IV
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Great King (Shah) of Persia
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