Shapur IV

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Shapur IV
"King of kings of Iran and Aniran"
King of Armenia
SuccessorArtaxias IV
Shahanshah of the Sasanian Empire
PredecessorYazdegerd I
SuccessorKhosrau the Usurper
HouseHouse of Sasan
FatherYazdegerd I

Shapur IV (Middle Persian: 𐭱𐭧𐭯𐭥𐭧𐭥𐭩Šāhpuhr), was king of Persian Armenia from 415 to 420, who briefly ruled the Sasanian Empire in 420.


Shapur IV was the son of Yazdegerd I and Shushandukht, and had two brothers named Bahram V and Narse. At the death of the Arsacid Armenian king Khosrov IV, Yazdegerd I decided to give the royal crown of Armenia to his eldest son Shapur IV, instead of giving it to Khosrov's nephew, Artaxias IV. During Shapur's reign in Armenia, he concentrated on reconciliation and established friendly relations with the nobles. He made every effort to convert the Christian Armenians to Zoroastrianism, but was largely unsuccessful.[1]

In 420, Yazdegerd I was murdered by the Sasanian nobles at Hyrcania,[2] which made Shapur quickly leave Armenia and arrive at Ctesiphon to claim the Sasanian throne. However, he only managed to reign during a short time, until he was murdered by the nobles and the clergy, who sought to expel all the sons of Yazdegerd I.[3] After the murder of Shapur, the nobles elected another Sasanian prince, Khosrau, the son of Bahram IV, as king of the Sasanian Empire.



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Shapur IV
Preceded by
Yazdegerd I
Great King (Shah) of Iran
Succeeded by
Khosrau the Usurper