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Kicked in the Head were a ska punk band founded in Boston, Massachusetts in the mid-1990s. Known for Halloween shows with Big D and The Kids Table,[1] the band signed with the label run by Big D, Fork in Hand Records, and released their debut album World Domination in 1997.[2] They went on to appear on the Warped Tour in 1998 and opened for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.[3]

In 1999 the band was selected to play in the WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble.[4] They again toured on the Warped Tour in 2003, and appeared on the Warped Tour 2003 Tour Compilation album.[5] Kicked in the Head disbanded in 2005.


Studio albums[edit]

  • World Domination (1997)
  • Thick as Thieves (2000)


  • All in the Family (1998) (split with The Goonies)
  • Salita (2002)

Compilation appearances[edit]


  • Gary Hedrick - vocals
  • Ryan Dowd - bass guitar
  • Matt Sanocki - guitar
  • Anthony Modano - drums
  • Ryan Overbeck - vocals, keyboards
  • Jonathan Togo - alto saxophone
  • Matt Rositano - trombone, guitar


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