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David Boyd (born December 3, 1989) better known by his stage name Kid Ace, is an American Magician / Illusionist from Harlem, New York. At age 12 was when his theater director showed him his first magic trick. Since then he has toured the world and has appeared on television multiple times. He combines multiple elements of hip-hop culture when performing, such as hip hop music and fashion.

Early career[edit]

In 2009 Ace appeared on the third season of America’s Got Talent as a member of The Harlem James Gang under the moniker Prince Julius. The group went on and made it to the top 20 of the competition. After AGT season 3 the Harlem James Gang was a featured act in the Apollo Big Show Circus which had a two-month run at the world famous Apollo Theater.[1] Kid Ace also became the first and only magician/illusionist to perform with the group at Ahoy Stadium in the Netherlands for the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2009.[2]

2012 – present[edit]

In 2012, Kid Ace headlined his one-man show Titled “Underground Magic” at the Elecktra Theatre in Times Square.[3] After his off-Broadway run, Ace went on to headline Soft Touch Production’s Magic and Dance Circus. The show toured several islands of the Bahamas and featured multiple entertainers from the United States and the Bahamas.[4] During the summer of 2013 Kid Ace received the Allan Houston Spirit Award for his participation in Allan Houston’ F.I.S.S.L. Leadership Tour which was presented by Allan and his family. Ace’s YouTube Video performing for Allan Houston is now featured on Allan Houston’s official website.


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