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Kilamba is largely empty. (May 2011)

Nova Cidade de Kilamba (Kilamba New City) is a large housing development 30 km (18 miles) from Luanda, the capital city of Angola. It is being built by the China International Trust and Investment Corporation and is largely empty.

Kilamba covers an area of 8.8 square kilometers and will eventually offer 25,000 homes for more than 200,000 inhabitants. It comprises of about 750 apartment blocks ranging from 5 to 13 floors, over 100 commercial premises, 17 schools and 24 daycare centers to provide care and education for children, as well as open 240 stores to drive the local economy. The cost is reported as US$3.5 billion, financed by a Chinese credit line and repaid by the Angolan government with oil.

As of July 2012, the buildings were largely complete but still unoccupied.[1] Only 220 apartments had been sold out of the first release of 2,800. Sales have been slow because of the difficulty in obtaining mortgage loans. One school is in operation, but children are travelling in by bus from other areas as there is no one living nearby. The government plans to use some of the residential blocks as social housing.

Although Kilamba contributes to meeting the election pledge made by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos in 2008 to build a million new homes in four years, Angola does not have a large middle class able to buy such homes.

However, despite the slow start, new legislation signed into law by dos Santos has resulted in a massive boom in demand.[2][3] As of September 2013 the current population is 40,000 residents and continuing to grow. Officials expect the population to reach 70,000 by January 2014.[4]

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