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Kilkerran Castle is a ruined castle, near Campbeltown, Kintyre, Argyll and Bute, Scotland.[1]


A keep was built in 1490 by King James IV, for the housing of a garrison to subdue the MacDonalds.[2]

Further fortification works were undertaken by King James V,[3] during an expedition to the Isles in 1536 against the Macdonalds and other turbulent clans.

As King James V sailed from Kilkerran (now Campbeltown), Alexander MacDonald, 5th of Dunnyveg took Kilkerran Castle by force and hung the governor from its walls in view of King James V. As a result, Alexander MacDonald was summoned to Stirling and died there in 1538.


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Coordinates: 55°25′1″N 5°35′23″W / 55.41694°N 5.58972°W / 55.41694; -5.58972