Kill Switch (film)

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Kill Switch
Directed by Jeff F. King
Produced by Lindsay MacAdam
Kirk Shaw
Avi Lerner (executive)
Steven Seagal (executive)
Written by Steven Seagal
Starring Steven Seagal
Holly Dignard
Chris Thomas King
Michael Filipowich
Isaac Hayes
Music by John Sereda
Cinematography Tom Harting
Edited by Jamie Alain
Nu Image
Insight Film Studios
CineTel Films
Steamroller Productions
Peace Arch Entertainment
Distributed by First Look International (US)
Nu Image (non-US)
Millenium Films (non-US)
Release date
October 7, 2008 (United States)
Running time
92 minutes
Language English
Budget $10,000,000

Kill Switch is a direct-to-video 2008 film that was later released for theatrical distribution starring Steven Seagal and directed by Jeff F. King. Steven Seagal plays Detective Jacob King, a tough cop with a reputation for violent street-justice methods. King investigates murders in Memphis, Tennessee, perpetrated by a serial killer known as Lazerus. The film is also notable for featuring one of the last roles of Isaac Hayes.


Steven Seagal stars as a tough cop, Jacob King, whose brutal methods have gained him a legendary reputation among his colleagues. Seemingly indifferent to the fact his twin brother was murdered in front of him as a child, Seagal investigates a series of brutal killings, most involving young, attractive women. The murderer, Lazerus, played by Michael Filipowich, leaves cryptic, astrological clues at the crime scenes. At the same time, another murderer, Billy Joe Hill (Mark Collie), is killing women. King finds him and kicks him out a window, after which Hill seeks revenge by murdering Celine (Karyn Michelle Baltzer), whom he believes to be King's girlfriend.

King goes on a brutal rampage through the Memphis underworld with the assistance of his partner, Detective Storm Anderson (Chris Thomas King) and the coroner (Isaac Hayes). King meets FBI agent Frankie Miller (Holly Dignard) but dislikes her because she doesn't approve of his methods. Lazerus attempts to frame King for the murder of a blonde barmaid, and Miller believes the frame and begins to pursue King. Meanwhile, King locates Lazerus and fights him, using a ball-peen hammer to break every bone in his body. He then goes after Billy Joe Hill and kills him after finding Celine dead.

King then runs away, leaving Anderson a note explaining he's quitting because no one likes his style of justice. The final scene shows King returning to what appears to be his Russian wife and family.

Theatrical release[edit]

The film later received theatrical distribution exclusively in the UAE in 2009.[1]


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