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Killinggänget (literally "The Kid-Goat Gang") is a Swedish comedy group, started in 1991. It is named after Glenn Killing, a character played by Henrik Schyffert who has appeared in many of their shows.

The group is notable for their evolution from straight comedy to comedy/drama, a concept they have referred to as "brown comedy".[citation needed]

The Gang[edit]



  • Glenn Killing, the namesake of the group. Played by Henrik Schyffert, he has appeared in most of their TV shows (along with his boss Percy Nilegård) and also serves as the host for their live performances.
  • Percy Nilegård, played by Johan Rheborg. A vain, snobbish, and possibly insane capitalist with a noticeable underbite, he does almost everything to earn money while also promoting his own ideas of good taste which usually involve a conservative and racist view of society.
  • Tommy Bohlin, played by Jonas Inde. A simple and somewhat dim-witted heavy metal fan, he usually plays the part of assistant to more important characters.
  • Farbror Barbro (Uncle Barbro), played by Johan Rheborg. A guidance counselor (presumably male, despite having a female name) who tends to ignore actual problems in favor of marketing hi-fi equipment.
  • Weiron, played by Robert Gustafsson. A stereotype of a socialist blue collar worker from Gothenburg, He hosts his own early morning show on Nilecity 105,6 where he pesters people trying to sleep.
  • Fred Asp, played by Robert Gustafsson. A drunk who has made an act out of "partying" with his stuffed ferret Göran.


TV productions[edit]

On stage[edit]

  • 1995 - I manegen med Glenn Killing - Live från Berns
  • 2000 - Glenn Killing på Grand



  • Spermaharen

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