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Kim Falconer (born 23 May 1954 in Santa Cruz, California) is an Australian author of science fantasy and epic fantasy, living in New South Wales. She grew up on the once family-owned Wilder Ranch,[1] and emigrated to Australia in 1981. Active as a professional writer of fantasy since 2009,[2] her two series to date are Quantum Enchantment and Quantum Encryption.

Falconer trains in Iaido, the Japanese sword, to better choreograph her fight scenes.[3] She claims that each of her stories begins with a grain of truth.[4] Falconer is also an astrologer and is currently[when?] working on a Master of Arts degree in writing.[5]


Her son, Aaron Briggs has done the cover art for her second series.[6]


Astrology text

  • Astrology & Aptitude (2nd ed, 2005)

Short stories

  • Wolf Being (2010)


Quantum Enchantment Series

  • The Spell of Rosette (January 2009)
  • Arrows of Time (August 2009)
  • Strange Attractors (February 2010)

Quantum Encryption Series

  • Path of the Stray (August 2010)
  • Road to the Soul (March 2011)
  • Journey by Night (September 2011)


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