Kim Milyoner Olmak İster

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Kim Milyoner Olmak İster
Created by Endemol
Presented by

Kenan Işık

Selçuk Yöntem
Country of origin Turkey
Original network ATV (Turkey)
Original release August 2, 2011 – present
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Kim Milyoner Olmak İster[1] (English translation:Who wants to be a Millionaire) is a Turkish game show based on the original British format of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?. The show is hosted by the Turkish actor Kenan Işık. The program was broadcast from August 2, 2011.[citation needed]

The main goal of the game is to win 1.000.000 TL by answering 12 multiple-choice questions correctly. There are four lifelines: Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend, 50/50 and Double Dip. If contestant answers 1st or 2nd question incorrectly, the contestant walks away with absolutely nothing. During the game, the contestant can walk away with the money they earned in the game, thus ending the game. The program was broadcast from August 2011 and it is shown on ATV (Turkey). In this season, the channel eliminated the preliminary Fastest Finger round; contestants immediately take the hot seat.[citation needed]

This version adopts the clock format from the US version. The first two questions each have a 15-second time-limit and contestants then have a 45-second time-limit for each of the next five questions. After answering 7th question correctly, the clock is removed and there is no time-limit to answer the last five questions. If contestant fails to answer during the given time-limit, the contestant would be credited with the wrong answer.

Game's prizes[edit]

  • 1. question • 500 TL
  • 2. question1.000 TL
  • 3. question • 2.000 TL
  • 4. question • 3.000 TL
  • 5. question • 5.000 TL
  • 6. question • 7.500 TL
  • 7. question15.000 TL
  • 8. question • 30.000 TL
  • 9. question • 60.000 TL
  • 10. question • 125.000 TL
  • 11. question • 250.000 TL
  • 12. question1.000.000 TL


  • Ask the Audience: The contestant asks the studio audience which answer they believe is correct. Members of the studio audience indicate their choices using an audience response system and audience have 10 seconds to do. The results are immediately displayed on the contestant's and host's screens. This is a popular lifeline, known for its near-perfect accuracy.
  • Phone a Friend: The contestant selects one of their three friends to call. The contestants have 30 seconds to read the question and the options to their friend. Also, friends have 30 seconds to answer the question on the phone given to them by contestants.
  • 50/50: Computer eliminates 2 wrong answers randomly.
  • Double Dip: The contestant can give two answers for a question; but, contestants can't walk away or use any other lifelines after selecting it. This lifeline is available to the contestant after answering 7th question correctly. Interestingly, if contestant has used 50/50 and then decides to use Double Dip, the contestant is assured to get the correct answer for the question.