Kimberly Wright Cassidy

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Kimberly Wright Cassidy
Kim Cassidy.jpg
Residence Pennsylvania, United States
Citizenship American
Fields Psychology
Institutions President of Bryn Mawr College (2014 – present); Provost of Bryn Mawr College (2007-2013);
Alma mater PhD University of Pennsylvania; M.A. University of Pennsylvania; B.A. Swarthmore College
Known for President of Bryn Mawr College

Kimberly Wright Cassidy (born c. 1963, Pennsylvania) was named the ninth president of Bryn Mawr College on February 12, 2014[1] and was formally inaugurated on September 20, 2014.[2] She had served as interim president since Jane Dammen McAuliffe ended her term as president on June 30, 2013.[3]


Cassidy received her master's degree and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and earned a bachelor's degree with distinction in psychology from Swarthmore College.[4]


Cassidy joined the Bryn Mawr faculty in the Department of Psychology in 1993, and was Chair of Bryn Mawr's Department of Psychology from 2004-2007. She was the Provost from 2007 until she became the Interim President on July 1, 2013.She often holds pop up events to increase engagement of the students, faculty and staff.[5]


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