Kimhyongjik County

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For the father of Kim Il-sung, see Kim Hyŏng-jik.
Kim Hyŏng-jik County
Korean transcription(s)
 • Chosŏn'gŭl
 • Hancha
 • McCune-Reischauer Kimhyŏngjik-kun
 • Revised Romanization Gimhyeongjik-gun
Location of Kim Hyŏng-jik County
Country North Korea
Province Ryanggang
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 6 workers' districts, 9 ri

Kimhyŏngjik County is a kun of Ryanggang Province, North Korea. Formerly known as Huch'ang County, it was renamed in 1988 after Kim Il Sung's father, Kim Hyŏng-jik.

The 2004 Ryanggang explosion occurred at Wŏltal-lodongjagu in this county.


Kimhyŏngjik is located in the northwestern part of the Kaema Plateau. It borders China to the north (Yalu River region). Although the south is a plateau region, the Yalu River is in the north. The Hŭisaekpong and Rangrim mountain ranges are partly in this county. The highest peak is Hŭisaek-pong. The region bordering on the Yalu River is mainly precipices. The main streams are the Yalu River and its tributaries. The county's land area is 93% forested.

Administrative Divisions[edit]

Kimghyŏngjik county is divided into 1 ŭp (town), 6 rodongjagu (workers' districts) and 9 ri (villages):

  • Kimhyŏngjik-ŭp (김형직읍)
  • Koŭp-rodongjagu (고읍로동자구)
  • Namsa-rodongjagu (남사로동자구)
  • Rongrim-rodongjagu (록림로동자구)
  • Ro'tal-lodongjagu (로탄로동자구)
  • Wŏltal-lodongjagu (월탄로동자구)
  • Yŏnp'o-rodongjagu (연포로동자구)
  • Chukchŏl-li (죽전리)
  • Kŭmch'ang-ri (금창리)
  • Much'ang-ri (무창리)
  • Pujŏl-li (부전리)
  • Rajung-ri (라죽리)
  • Ryŏnha-ri (련하리)
  • Ryŏnsong-ri (련송리)
  • Taehŭng-ri (대흥리)
  • Tuji-ri (두지리)


Forestry is the main industry. The main rivers are used to transport timber. Iron, gold, silver, copper, tungsten, graphite and nickel deposits are found in the county. Agriculture is also practised. Red pepper, corn, beans, potatoes, rice and flax are mainly produced. Sericulture is also practised.


The Pukpu Line of the Korean State Railway and various roads serve the county.

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