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King's Evangelical Divinity School (formerly the Midlands Bible College and Midlands Bible College and Divinity School) is a nondenominational Christian Bible college based in Broadstairs, Kent in England. The college provides studies by open and distance learning in partnership with the University of Chester, and specialises in hermeneutics (biblical interpretation).


The School was founded in 1990, by Revd Christopher B. Smith. Initially the focus was on classroom-based teaching at the college premises in Wolverhampton, near Birmingham, England, but has since shifted to focus entirely upon e-learning. In 2008 the name of the college was changed from Midlands Bible College and Divinity School to reflect its seminary-level studies and a Master of Arts programme in Theology.


The current principal, is the Revd. Dr. Calvin Smith BA MEd PhD. He is assisted by a number of faculty, including:

Research faculty
  • Dr. Derek Tidball (Evangelical Theology and History in the Twentieth Century and Sociology of the NT)
  • Dr. Emmanuel Sule (Hermeneutics, Systematic Theology)
  • Dr. Stephen Vantassel (Dean of Students) (Systematic Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Society and Cultural Studies)
  • Dr Andy Cheung (Academic Dean) (Biblical Studies, Translation Studies)
  • Dr Patrick Egan (New Testament, Hermeneutics)
  • Tim LIM Teck Ngern (Systematic Theology, Interdisciplinary Studies)
Senior Tutors
  • David Cowan (Theology and Politics)
  • Dr Larry Helyer (New Testament Studies)
  • Dr Elvira King (Jewish-Christian Relations)
  • Revd Chris Lazenby (History of Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Religion)
  • Dr Raymond Pfister (Biblical theology, Church History)
  • Julian Spriggs (Bible Background)
  • Jermo van Nes (NT Greek, NT Studies)
  • Revd Dr Colin Warner (Hermeneutical Theory, Greek Texts)
Associate Tutors
  • Brian Brewer (Jewish-Christian Studies)
  • Stephen D. Campbell (Old Testament Studies, Advanced Hermeneutics)
  • Thomas Fretwell (Apologetics)
  • Daniel Kayley (Theology, Biblical Studies)
  • Donna Orr (Biblical Studies)
  • David Williams (Theology, Biblical Studies)


The College's Bachelor of Theology, Graduate Diploma and Master of Arts (Theology) programmes are all validated by the University of Chester.

Several other non-degree courses are also available from the college.

  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • The Synoptic Gospels
  • New Testament Greek 1
  • New Testament Greek 2
  • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
  • Lands of the Bible
  • Biblical Exegesis: Theory and Methodology
  • Exegesis in Practice
  • History of Hermeneutics
  • Exegesis and Theology
  • Exegesis and Polemics
  • Exegesis & the Preacher
  • Theology of Worship
  • Book of Deuteronomy
  • Interpreting 1/2 Samuel
  • Letter to the Hebrews
  • The Church and Israel
  • Lands of the Bible (level 2)
  • Case Studies in Hermeneutics
  • Applying 1 Corinthians in Church Ministry Today
  • Independent Research Project
  • Biblical Theology
  • The Bible, Culture and Historical Theology
  • Dissertation
  • Theology of the Book of Romans
  • Liberation Theologies and their Use of the Bible
  • Christian Ethics and the Bible
  • Evangelicals, the Bible and the Public Square
  • Greek Texts
  • Hebrew Texts


King's Evangelical Divinity School is a specialist provider of distance learning education. Accordingly, the College has invested in a substantial eCampus that provides students with access to online journals, books, papers and other materials available for download. There is also a community forum where students may interact.


As a distance learning provider, the school produces a large number of books and audio lectures. Further, the college publishes a journal Evangelical Review of Society and Politics.

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