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Quarry Bridge over the Iowa River.
King Iron Bridge Company historic marker in Piermont, New York

The King Iron Bridge & Manufacturing Company was a late-19th-century bridge building company located in Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded by Zenas King (1818–1892) in 1858 and subsequently managed by his sons, James A. King and Harry W. King and then his grandson, Norman C. King, until the mid-1920s. Many of the bridges built by the company were used during America's expansion west in the late 19th century and early 20th century, and some of these bridges are still standing today.

Remaining examples[edit]

Through truss railroad bridge over Rock River in Rockford, Illinois.
Abandoned Rock River railroad bridge in Rockford, IL. Now used for a rail-trail.

Additional bridges designed and/or built by the company (and many likely to be surviving) are:

Demolished bridges[edit]


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