King Louie Bankston

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King Louie Bankston
King Louie Bankston in 1993 at Pendleton Manor, New Orleans
Background information
Birth name Louis Paul Bankston
Born Harahan, Louisiana,
 United States
Origin New Orleans
Genres Garage punk, punk rock, bubblegum, swamp pop, boogie rock, blues rock, rock and roll, power pop
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Keyboards
Years active 1987 – present
Labels Goner Records, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Dirtnap Records, Empty Records
Associated acts Royal Pendletons, The Persuaders, Bad Times, The Exploding Hearts, King Louie and the Loose Diamonds, The King Louie One Man Band, King Louie's Missing Monuments, Kajun SS, Kondor, Black Rose Band

King Louie Bankston (born Louis Paul Bankston) is a rock and roll musician from New Orleans. Associated early on with garage punk, he abandoned the genre in 1998 and has focused on Louisiana swamp pop, boogie woogie, boogie rock and power pop. He is best known for his work in the Royal Pendletons, The Persuaders, The Exploding Hearts, and The King Louie One Man Band.[1] Bankston has toured Europe and the United States since the very early 1990s. He has released 53 records in the vinyl format. Louie does not use any outside promotion and uses a strict rule of ATTRACTION AND NOT PROMOTION for his music. Louis currently playes music based out of Oakland CA and lives in a suburb of New Orleans LA. Bankston has lived in New Orleans, Portland, and Memphis.[2]


Royal Pendletons[edit]

King Louie helped found the Royal Pendletons in 1991 along with Michael Hurtt on guitar/vocals, J. Matthew Uhlman on guitar/vocals, and G. Thomas Oliver on organ. The band achieved in the pre-internet years what is now known as a " Buzz Band " status today. Not concentrating on the studio or recording side of their set the band has little to show for their efforts. The RP's were known to have over 100 songs and usually played from open to close at New Orleans venues Checkpoint Charlie's, Benny's and Barristers (Memphis). The Royal Pendletons put out their first 7" on Goner Records in 1995, and in 1998 put out a full-length LP on Sympathy for the Record Industry with producer Alex Chilton entitled 'Oh Yeah, Baby.[3]

Terry and Louie[edit]

Terry and Louie is a return to Louie's Exploding Hearts writing and playing with band mate Terry. After over a decade of no communication the two have reformed and are making records and touring throughout the year. The band has been active since 2013. They are on the Tuff Break record roster and are based out of Oakland. It is Louis' only current project of new music.

The Persuaders [edit]

King Louie Bankston formed the critically acclaimed and highly influential garage rock band, The Persuaders in 1996, along with Jason Panzer on guitar, and Shaggy on drums.[4] In The Persuaders, Louie and Jason Panzer both sang and played Gibson Flying V guitars and were the first to use them visually with the crossed aerial logo. They are also known for writing the original composition of the swamp pop anthem "Heart of Chrome". Highly covered by many young bands since its release in 1999, The Reatards, featuring Jay Reatard opened for The Persuaders on the very first Reatards tour.

Bad Times[edit]

Bad Times were a one-off band which also included Eric Oblivian and Jay Reatard. The band recorded an album’s worth of material after only one practice session in 1998, releasing a self-titled LP in 2001. the members returned to their respective solo commitments. Eric and Louie have been positive about trying to re-issue the out-of-print LP.[5]

The Exploding Hearts[edit]

In 2000, Louie moved to Portland, Oregon. In 2001 he joined The Exploding Hearts, where he co-wrote and played keyboards on their only LP, Guitar Romantic. After 11 months with the group, Louie declined to move into a management/lead role. Plans were in the works to continue as a writer only. After a show in San Francisco, the band's van overturned on the way home in the early hours of April 20th, 2003. Three members of the group were killed, thus ending any future works [6]

King Louie and the Loose Diamonds[edit]

Formed in 2003 as Rat Tail.In 2007, Empty Records released Memphis Treet by King Louie and the Loose Diamonds. The Loose Diamonds are: King Louie Bankston, Jack Oblivian of the Oblivians, The Cool Jerks, and the Tennessee Tearjerkers), Harlan T. Bobo (Viva L'American Deathray Music), Adam Woodard (Tennessee Tearjerkers), and Chad Booth (Kajun SS). In 2009 Julian Fried joined as guitar player.[7]

The King Louie One Man Band[edit]

King Louie started his One Man Band in 1999. In the King Louie One Man Band, Louie sings, plays drums, guitar, cowbell, and harmonica.[8] The King Louie One Man Band has released several 7" records on various labels, and put out a full-length LP on Goner in 2004.[9]

King Louie's Missing Monuments[edit]

In 2009, King Louie along with longtime friend and collaborator, revered lead guitarist Julien Fried formerly of Seattle, recruited drummer Aaron Hill and Bassist Bennette Bartley to form the power pop group King Louie's Missing Monuments. Benny Divine (Wizzard Sleeve) later joined and the band after Bartley's departure and the band changed their name to The Missing Monuments. Devine left the band and was replaced with Gary Mader (Eye Hate God). They have released two LP's and 4 singles/E.P.'s. they have toured the U.S.A and Europe. In February 2016 the band once again for the third time changed the name to reflect the current lineup and ever changing sound to King Louie and The Missing Monuments. A new album BADFINDER is forthcoming with no set compleation or release date. [10]

Other bands[edit]

King Louie Bankston has played in a number of bands in the past 20 years. These bands include the Intelligenitals (1987), The Lame Ones (1988) The Clickems (1990–1991), Dirt Boys/Harahan Crack Combo (1991–1992) Gerry and the bastard Makers (1992–1994), Royal Pendletons (1991-1999/2003–present), Christies Paddad Toilet Seat (1992), Sun of the Caesar (1994), Funny Boys (1995), The Persuaders (1996–1999), Bad Times (1998), Head Wounds (1999), King Louie One Man Band (1999–present), 10-4 Backdoor (2000–2003), The Exploding Hearts (2002–2003), King Louie and the Loose Diamonds (2003–present), Hot Dog (2004), Kajun SS (2004–2005), Kondor (2003–present), Black Rose Band (2005–present), Lonely Knights (2007–present), Bipolaroid (2009-2013), Terry & Louie (2014-present).[11]

Full discography[edit]

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