King threadfin

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King threadfin
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Polynemidae
Genus: Polydactylus
Species: P. macrochir
Binomial name
Polydactylus macrochir
(Günther, 1867)

The King threadfin, Polydactylus macrochir, is a threadfin native to tropical waters of northern Australia and southern Papua New Guinea.

Other common names include King Threadfin Salmon, King Salmon, Threadfin Salmon, Burnett River Salmon.

King threadfin are the largest of the seven species of threadfin found in Australian waters and also north to South China Sea. They normally grow to between 50 cm and 90 cm in length,[1] although there have been many cases of it growing to over 130 cm in length from the Brisbane River in Australia.[2] They range in weight from 1 kg to 15 kg with average being 3.5 kg.

King Threadfins are popular recreational species in Western Australia, Northern Queensland and increasingly South-East Queensland.[3] With the species now being found further South down the East coast of Australia, many more recreational anglers are targeting them and as a result they have been included as a category in the Brisbane River Classic fishing competition.

They are found in coastal estuaries, river mouths and turbid waters generally. they mainly eat seasonally abundant prawns, small fish and other small crustaceans. Spawning in east coast Australian populations occurs from October to early March.

The King Threadfin usually have five long filaments below the pectoral (side) fin.


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