Jeddah Economic City

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Jeddah Economic City
LocationJeddah, Saudi Arabia
Estimated completion16 August 2020
ArchitectHOK Architects
OwnerAl-Waleed bin Talal
Kingdom Holding Company
Technical details
Cost$20 billion (SR75 billion)
Size5,202,570 m2 (56,000,000 sq ft) (originally 23,000,000 m2 (247,569,940 sq ft))

Jeddah Economic City, previously known as Kingdom City, is a 5,202,570 m2 (56,000,000 sq ft) project approved for construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.[1] The project is designed by the Kingdom Holding Company, a firm owned by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal.[1] Jeddah Economic City will host both commercial and residential development including homes, hotels, and offices.[1][2]

The centerpiece of the development will be Jeddah Tower, planned to be the tallest building in the world upon its completion.[2] The entire project is estimated to cost $20 billion (SR75 billion).[3]


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