Kinsenda Mine

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Kinsenda Mine
Kinsenda Mine is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kinsenda Mine
Kinsenda Mine
Location in the Congo
Province Katanga
Country DR Congo
Coordinates 12°11′51″S 27°47′52″E / 12.1975°S 27.797778°E / -12.1975; 27.797778Coordinates: 12°11′51″S 27°47′52″E / 12.1975°S 27.797778°E / -12.1975; 27.797778
Products Copper
Production Copper: 400 tonnes/month
Silver: 35,000 ounces/month
Financial year 2010
Opened 2002
Company Metorex
Website Mawson West website
Year of acquisition 2010

The Kinsenda Mine is a copper mine that is being opened in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is located near the Zambian border town of Kasumbalesa. The mining company Metorex, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, is developing the property. Infrastructure design is based on mining of 40,000 tons of ore per month. There is a significant risk from groundwater inflow.[1]

Construction of the ore processing plant started in July 2006, with planned capacity to produce 54,000 tonnes per month of 45% copper concentrate. By June 2008 the mine had been dewatered and work had started on re-establishing the surface and mine infrastructure.[2]


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