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Ikoma Line train

The Ikoma Line (生駒線 Ikoma-sen?) is a railway line of Kintetsu Railway in Nara Prefecture, Japan connecting Ikoma Station in the city of Ikoma and Ōji Station in the town of Ōji. Having a total length of 12.4 km, the entirely electrified standard gauge line is partially double-tracked. All trains stop at all 12 stations (including both termini) along the line.


The Nobutaka Ikoma Electric Railway Co. opened the line in 1922, electrified at 600 VDC. The company merged with Kintetsu in 1964, and in 1969 the voltage was raised to 1500 VDC.

The Minami Ikoma - Nabatake section was duplicated in 1977, the Higashiyama - Haginodai section in 1993 and Nabatake - Ikoma in 1994.


No. Name Distance (km) Between (km) Connections Location
G17 Ikoma 生駒 - 0.0 Kintetsu Nara Line, Kintetsu Keihanna Line, Kintetsu Ikoma Cable Line Ikoma Nara
G18 Nabata 菜畑 1.2 1.2  
G19 Ichibu 一分 1.1 2.3  
G20 Minami-Ikoma 南生駒 1.2 3.5  
G21 Haginodai 萩の台 1.0 4.5  
G22 Higashiyama 東山 0.9 5.4  
G23 Motosanjoguchi 元山上口 1.3 6.7   Heguri,
Ikoma District
G24 Heguri 平群 1.2 7.9  
G25 Tatsutagawa 竜田川 1.4 9.3  
G26 Seya-Kitaguchi 勢野北口 1.4 10.7   Sangō,
Ikoma District
G27 Shigisanshita 信貴山下 0.8 11.5  
G28 Ōji 王寺 0.9 12.4 Kintetsu Tawaramoto Line
West Japan Railway (JR West) Kansai Main Line (Yamatoji Line) Wakayama Line
Ōji, Kitakatsuragi


The Ikoma line connects to the following railway lines:


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