Kisschasy: The Movie

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Kisschasy: The Movie
Kisschasy - Kisschasy The Movie.jpg
Video by Kisschasy
Released September 23, 2006
Genre Rock
Length Approx. 120 mins
Label Below Par
Director Jai Al-Attas

Kisschasy: The Movie is Kisschasy's first ever official DVD release. Kisschasy: The Movie follows Aussie band Kisschasy as they hit the road for their largest and longest tour to date. This tour covered 37 shows in only six weeks. The movie documents the entire tour, from the first morning they wake up til the last person standing at the home-coming party.


Kisschasy Live @ the Gaelic Theatre[edit]

Mixed By Luke Gerard Webb

The documentary[edit]

Music videos with audio commentary by the band
  • "Do-Do's & Whoa-Oh's"
  • "Face Without a Name"
  • "The Shake"
  • "This Bed"