Kissed by Winter

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Kissed by Winter
Norwegian Theatrical poster
Directed by Sara Johnsen
Produced by Christian Fredrik Martin
Asle Vatn
Written by Ståle Stein Berg
Sara Johnsen
Starring Kristoffer Joner
Annika Hallin
Linn Skåber
Fritjof Såheim
Michalis Koutsogiannakis
Göran Ragnerstam
Music by Ståle Caspersen
Cinematography Odd Reinhardt Nicolaysen
Release date
  • 11 February 2005 (2005-02-11)
Running time
84 minutes
Country Norway
Language Norwegian

Kissed by Winter (Norwegian: Vinterkyss) is a Norwegian film that first premiered February 11, 2005 starring Norwegian actor Kristoffer Joner and Swedish actress Annika Hallin.

Vinterkyss is similar to the Danish film Brødre in that it paints a very real picture of what can happen to family members in the event of an unexpected death. The movie is about the pain and sorrow that occurs after a loved one's death, as well as how love can appear in the most unexpected of places, even if it is not wanted. The film shows, in an authentic and convincing way, the daily lives of the characters, as well as what it is like to live in a very small community in a very large world.

Victoria (Annika Hallin) starts a new life as a doctor in small, snowy Norwegian town. The film is a story of Victoria's struggle to deal with the deaths of two people: one who was very close to her (her son) and the other very distant (a stranger).

Early one winter morning, a young man is found dead in the snow. Victoria points out that the circumstances surrounding the death are unclear, but the police officer figures that the dead teenager must have been hit by the snow plow and then buried under the snow. The stories of the two deaths become intertwined as Victoria tries to unravel the mystery of Darjosh, the young man found dead in the snow.

Although Darjosh's parents are very reluctant to deal with Victoria, as the movie progresses, they become closer. At the same time she begins a relationship with the town's snow plow driver, Kai.


  • AFI Fest 2005
Won, Grand Jury Prize - Sara Johnsen
  • Amanda Awards, Norway 2005
Won, Best Actress (Årets kvinnelige skuespiller) - Annika Hallin
Won, Best Debut - Sara Johnsen

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