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Alexandra Nilsson
Alexandra Kissie Nilsson By Daniel Åhs.jpg
Kissie in 2015
Born Alexandra Barbara Nilsson
(1991-04-18) 18 April 1991 (age 26)
Other names Kissie
Occupation blogger, singer

Alexandra "Kissie" Nilsson (born Alexandra Barbara Nilsson, 18 April 1991) is a Swedish blogger also known as Kissie.

She started her blog in January 2007 and her blog is currently the most visited blog in Sweden with approximately 170,000 visitors.[1] Kissie blogs about her personal life and is known for liking to provoke people.

In June 2010 Kissie started her music career by recording "Success" which was released a month later.[2] However, the song did not get enough attention, and many of her readers decided not to buy it which caused the website that sold the song to close just two weeks after release.

On 19 November 2010 Kissie and her friend was heading to the Swedish city Västerås where they were going to host DJ at a nightclub. She announced on her blog that she would meet up with her readers on the railway station,[3] but when she had arrived she was attacked by a few readers who threw eggs and flour at her.[4]

On her blog she has released a picture of her naked which was censored but in early December 2010 the Swedish website Flashback the uncensored naked picture was released and it didn't take long until the media and the public found it. It was featured on many gossip blogs, but at first Kissie denied that she had published it and that it was photoshopped as well, but eventually she admitted that she published it for attention and to get more readers but still claims that the picture is fake.[5]

Since the political 2010 election in Sweden, Kissie has expressed her opinions about Sweden's left-wing political parties and criticized it and told her readers not to vote for them.[6] However, just a few days after Christmas Eve 2010 while Kissie had been out in town a left-wing extremist group has sprayed painted "bourgeois whore" her apartment door and left pig blood by the door. This brought a lot of attention to Kissie, but also to the extremist group.[7]


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