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Kites Official Poster.jpg
Official movie poster
Directed by Anurag Basu
Produced by Rakesh Roshan
Sharan Kapoor
Written by Anurag Basu
Starring Hrithik Roshan
Bárbara Mori
Kangana Ranaut
Kabir Bedi
Nicholas Brown
Music by Rajesh Roshan
Cinematography Ayananka Bose
Distributed by Reliance ADA Group
Release date
May 21, 2010
Running time
120 minutes (Hindi Version)
90 minutes (English version)
Country India & USA Releasing Internationally In Over 60 Countries
Language English
Budget $30 million

Kites is a forthcoming Bollywood film directed by Anurag Basu, and produced by Rakesh Roshan that will star Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori, Kangana Ranaut, Kabir Bedi[1] and Luce Rains. The film is reportedly a high budget movie and has world rights valued at $30 million. The film is slated for release on May 21, 2010. It will be released in over 60 countries and will have the original, 120 minute Hindi version, which will be released in India and a 90 minute English version (edited by Hollywood director Brett Ratner), to be released in the United States and most other countries.


In the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert, a mortally wounded man is left to die in the heat of the desert sun. This is Jai. Once a street smart, carefree young guy. Now, a wanted man. As death looms, the only thing that keeps him alive is the quest to find the love of his life, Natasha. A woman betrothed to another man. Jai and Natasha will fall in love despite language and cultural barriers, and embark on an action-packed adventure of love, dance and danger across Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Mexico- an adventure that could kill them both, or bring them together forever.


  • Hrithik Roshan as Jai. Orphaned in childhood, he's learned to live by his wits and his charming good looks. He loves the good life and is not averse to making a shady deal for those few more dollars. He's a Salsa teacher who makes one wrong move- he falls in love.
  • Bárbara Mori as Natasha, A beautiful, illegal immigrant in constant fear of deportation. She's desperate to make her fortune in the USA any which way; including getting married to a rich man. But when she discovers real love in Jai, she throws all caution to the wind.
  • Kabir Bedi as Bob, a powerful and wealthy casino owner.
  • Kangana Ranaut as Gina, a spoilt, little, rich girl who is used to always getting what she wants, and what she wants now is her Salsa teacher Jai - as her husband.
  • Nicholas Brown as Tony, Gina's rich and ruthless brother. As the son of a casino owner in Las Vegas, he's to the manor born. He's obsessed with power and the beautiful Natasha.


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