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The Kitto Line (吉都線 Kitto-sen?) is a railway line on the island of Kyushu, Japan. It connects Yoshimatsu Station in Yūsui, Kagoshima Prefecture with Miyakonojō Station in Miyakonojō, Miyazaki Prefecture. It is also known as Ebino Kōgen Line (えびの高原線 Ebino-kōgen-sen?) together with the Yatsushiro-Yoshimatsu segment of the Hisatsu Line. Between 1916 and 1923 this line was part of the original rail connection from Kokura to Miyazaki, until the opening of the Nippo Main Line.

Line data[edit]


Station Distance
Transfers Location
Yoshimatsu 0.0 Hisatsu Line Yūsui,
Aira District
Tsurumaru 2.6  
Kyōmachi Onsen 5.0   Ebino Miyazaki
Ebino 9.6  
Ebino Uwae 13.0  
Ebino Iino 15.0  
Nishi Kobayashi 20.6   Kobayashi
Kobayashi 26.8  
Hirowara 30.8   Takaharu,
Nishimorokata District
Takaharu 34.8  
Hyūga Maeda 39.4   Miyakonojō
Takasaki Shinden 43.8  
Higashi Takasaki 48.1  
Mangatsuka 51.0  
Tanigashira 54.5  
Hyūga Shōnai 57.5  
Miyakonojō 61.6 Nippō Main Line


The Yoshimatsu - Kobayashi section opened in 1912, and was extended to Miyakonojo the following year. Construction continued east and opened to Miyazaki in 1916, with the line formally named the Miyazaki Main Line in 1917.

With the opening of the Nippo Main Line from Kokura to Miyazaki in 1923, the line adopted that name. In 1932, with the opening of the Miyakonojo - Hayato line, that became part of the Nippo main line, and this line's name became the Kitto Line.

Freight service ceased in 1987.


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