Klek mountain, Croatia

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Klek mountain.jpg
Mt. Klek as seen from the east
Highest point
Elevation1,181 m (3,875 ft)
Coordinates45°15′31″N 15°8′44″E / 45.25861°N 15.14556°E / 45.25861; 15.14556Coordinates: 45°15′31″N 15°8′44″E / 45.25861°N 15.14556°E / 45.25861; 15.14556
Klek is located in Croatia
Location of Mt. Klek in Croatia
Parent rangeDinaric Alps
Easiest routeHike

Klek is mountain in north-western Croatia, near Ogulin in Karlovac County. It is the easternmost mountain of the Velika Kapela range of the Dinaric Alps.

The mountain is one of the best-known Croatian botanist reserves and home to a number of protected species of mountain flora.

According to the 17th century tale, during the nights of storm, the summit of Klek is a midnight gathering point for witches and fairies.

In the early 20th century, Klek's east and south face nurtured numerous Croatian rock climbers. The longest route length exceeds 200 m, with difficulty up to 5.12a.

Peak of Klek mountain

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