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Kmetija 2011 is the 4th edition of Kmetija, the Slovene version of The Farm. The airings finishes in mid-December 2011. As well as all previous seasons of Kmetija is also this produced by Proplus and broadcast by POP TV. Lili Žagar, previously presenter of daily informative program Svet na kanalu A (World on channel A) along with his husband Marko Potrč, is the presenter of the show. Unlike previous seasons when farm was recorded in Upper Carniola Alps is in this season all set in Pohorje in Lower Styria.

Live Shows[edit]

Every week is broadcast Live Show in Sunday at 8. Presenter of shows is Lili Žagar. In studio are also three celbbrity commentators:

  1. Angelca Likovič: Former Head teacher of one of Ljubljana's primary schools, primary school teacher of ex Slovenia's prime minister Janez Janša.
  2. Lara Janković: actress, chanson singer, hostess
  3. Jože Činč: Radio host, The winner of Celebrity Big Brother Slovenia Season 1


Contestant Age Hometown Civil Status Education Level Finished Exit Note
Slovenia Matej Drečnik 29 Cerklje ob Krki Single V Evicted
Week 4
Week 10
Replacement for Andrej
He won immunity, spending 3,000 Euro out of grand prize in week 8.
First finalist, chosen by evicted contestants.
Slovenia Vlasta Povšnar 45 Šentjur Divorced V Runner-up Week 10 3 votes to evict before semifinal
Won semifinal dual to Darko
Slovenia Simon Bukovnik 34 Šenčur Dating V Evicted Week 5 Lost dual to Matej
Slovenia Valerija Verhovnik 36 Ankaran Dating VIII-I Evicted Week 9 Lost dual to Darko
Slovenia Darko Mislovič 35 Lovrenc na Pohorju Divorced IV 3rd place Week 10 Lost semifinal dual to Vlasta
Slovenia Leonida Pahič Miša 50 Rečica ob Savinji Married  ?? Evicted Week 7 Lost dual to Vlasta
Slovenia Damjan Ocvirk 35 Šempeter Married V Evicted Week 6 Lost dual to
Slovenia Tina Radej 32 Sevnica Single V Evicted Week 3 Lost dual to Damjan
Slovenia Miha Kadunc 33 Ljubljana Single V Evicted Week 2 Lost dual to Simon
Slovenia Esada Rastoder 25 Ljubljana Married VI Evicted Week 3 Lost dual to Valerija
Slovenia Avgust Grah Tone 55 Kočevska Reka Married IV Evicted Week 1 Lost dual to Esada
Slovenia Vesna Kranjc 28 Štore Married IV 4th placer Week 10 5 votes to evict before semifinal
Slovenia Andrej Milek 28 Dobrunje Dating II Voluntary left Week 7 Intruder in week 6
Slovenia Ivo Ivičič 22 Črnomelj Single VI Evicted by fellow contestants Week 6 Intruder in week 6

The Prize[edit]

For the first time in Slovenia's reality shows history the grand prize is not money. But the farm on which will be show recorded along with 12 ha of land.
Contestants can earn kick-off capital for the winner of the farm. Every week they can won 50 sequins, but they should spend 30 or 40 to buy material to complete next week task. The rest can be spent on goods. They saved 63 sequins to the end, the winner will won 6,300 Euro kick-off capital.

After Series[edit]

In December 2011 finalists of season Matej Derečnik in Vlasta Povšnar got married.