Connecticut Valley Railroad 3025

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Connecticut Valley Railroad 3025
VALE 3025.jpg
#3025 operating on the Connecticut Valley Railroad after being restored.
Type and origin
Power type Steam
Builder Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works
Serial number SY1658M
Model SY
 • Whyte 2-8-2
Gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Fuel type Coal
Cylinders two
Operators Knox and Kane Railroad, Valley Railroad
Restored 2008-2011

Connecticut Valley Railroad 3025 is a China Railways SY class steam locomotive that was built in 1989 by the Tangshan Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works for the Knox and Kane Railroad, where it spent its life until that railroad's demise. It was purchased by the Valley Railroad Company in 2008 and has since been re-numbered 3025.

58 ran for the Knox and Kane between 1989 and spring of 2006, when the railroad ceased all operations. In storage in an engine house in Kane, locomotive 58 and other rolling stock was subjected to an early morning arson attack on March 16, 2008. The locomotive was severely damaged, more so than its housemate, the older No. 38, which had thicker boiler skin. Its cab was lined with wood, which was utterly destroyed.

#3025 as it appeared as #58 when it ran for the Knox and Kane Railroad in 1990.

On October 10, the locomotive was purchased at a liquidation auction by the Valley Railroad. The new owners planned to restore the locomotive to operating condition, and simultaneously transform its appearance to that of a New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad locomotive, to be numbered 3025. Restoration was completed in 2011, and the locomotive entered revenue service on November 25, 2011 pulling The North Pole Express. It has since become one of the railroad's regular road engines.