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Kod with multiple tabs open
Kod with multiple tabs open
Original author(s) Rasmus Andersson
Initial release 2010; 7 years ago (2010)
Development status Discontinued[1]
Operating system OS X
Available in 65 languages[2]
Type Text editor
License Modified MIT license

Kod (which means "code", including the source code, in Swedish) is a text editor for Mac OS X. Written by Rasmus Andersson, a Facebook designer,[3] Kod is designed to be fitted specifically to Mac OS X's architecture.[4]

Often likened to a less feature-rich version of TextMate,[5] Kod is unique among OS X-only text editors in its use of tabs ported from Chromium which can be torn off into new windows.[6]

Kod supports syntax highlighting for more than 65 programming languages.[2] It is also notable for its integrated scripting environment based on Node.js, as well as the ability to theme the application through CSS3.[4]

Kod is free, but is released under a modified MIT License which adds the following clause:[7]

The Software and/or source code cannot be copied in whole and sold without meaningful modification for a profit.

In 2012, the project's founder declared he no longer used or was working on Kod, and recommended Sublime Text 2 as an alternative.[1]

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