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Publication information
Spirou magazine
Publication date1982
No. of issues12
Main character(s)Nakamura Kogaratsu
Creative team
Created byBosse & Michetz
Written byBosse

Kogaratsu is a comics series created by the Belgian comics creators Bosse (pseudonym of Serge Bosmans) and Michetz (pseudonym of Marc Degroide). It was first published in Spirou magazine in 1982. The success of the series, written by Bosse and illustrated by Michetz, inspired then illustrator and script writer Bosse to give up illustrating in order to focus solely at script writing.

The comics series[edit]

Kogaratsu is about a mercenary named Nakamura Kogaratsu. Samurai in the service of somebody, or ronin without a master, caught in a fratricidal war, and confronted with superstitious farmers, Kogaratsu lives the way of the samurai: his honour, his weapons, and his love are the things dearest to him, in that exact order. And in the tumultuous Japan of the 17th century, honour is the small margin between life and death, wielding a weapon is a calling and love is a weakness.