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Koidu town
Main street in Koidutown
Main street in Koidutown
Koidu town is located in Sierra Leone
Koidu town
Koidu town
Coordinates: 8°38′38″N 10°58′18″W / 8.6439°N 10.9717°W / 8.6439; -10.9717Coordinates: 8°38′38″N 10°58′18″W / 8.6439°N 10.9717°W / 8.6439; -10.9717
Country  Sierra Leone
Province Eastern Province
District Kono District
 • Type City Council
 • Mayor Saa Emerson Lamina (APC)
 • Deputy Mayor Aiah Komba (APC)[1]
 • Governing Body Koidu–New Sembehun City Council
Population (2006 estimate)
 • Total 111,800 [2]
Time zone GMT

Koidu Town (also known commonly as Koidu or, or Sefadu) is the capital, largest city, and economic center of the diamond-rich Kono District in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. Koidu Town is the fifth largest city in Sierra Leone by population (after Freetown, Bo, Kenema and Makeni) and the second largest city in the Eastern Province, after Kenema. The city is a major business, commercial and diamond trade center, and lies approximately 285 miles east of Freetown.

The city's municipality is officially known as Koidu–New Sembehun. The municipality of Koidu–New Sembehun had a population of 82,899 in the 2004 census[1] (a 2006 estimate being 111,800[2]).

Koidu Town is one of the most ethnically and religiously diverse cities in Sierra Leone. The city is inhabited by significant numbers of many of Sierra Leone's ethnic groups, with no single ethnic group forming a majority. Most of the foreign diamond workers in Kono District reside in the city. The Krio language is by far the most widely spoken language in Koidu Town and is primarily used as the language of communication in the city.

The city of Koidu Town is locally governed by a directly elected city council, headed by a mayor. Like the rest of Kono District as a whole, Koidu Town is politically considered a swing district (swing state in the United States) as it could go either in support of the Sierra Leone People's Party or the All People's Congress, Sierra Leone's two major political parties, in presidential, parliamentary, and local councils elections.


2007 Koidutown-Sefadu protest[edit]

The 2007 Koidutown-Sefadu protest was an action by 400 protesters in Koidu-Sefadu which was aimed at the local diamond mine which the resident claimed had lowered local living conditions and environmental conditions in the area. The result of the protest was a clampdown by Sierra Leonean police and the death of 2 protesters.[3]


Koidu town is one of Sierra Leone's six municipalities and is governed by a directly elected city council, headed by a mayor, in whom executive authority is vested. The mayor is responsible for the general management of the city. The mayor is elected directly by the residents of Koidutown every four years in a municipal elections. The current mayor of Koidu Town is Saa Emerson Lamina of the ruling All Peoples Congress party (APC) [3].


Koidu town is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Sierra Leone. Even though the city is home of the Kono people, members of all the country's other ethnic groups and most of the foreign diamond workers in the Kono District reside in the city.


American aid workers helped rebuild the Koidu Government hospital, which has improved the previously alarming health situation in the town. Various other aid organizations, including the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR and its partners, have helped drill wells, re-build clinics and schools and regenerate livelihoods in the area, as part of a programme to support the reintegration of Sierra Leoneans who returned after living for several years as refugees in neighbouring countries.



The local radio station in Koidu Town is he the Eastern Radio 101.9. The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) TV, and radio are on the air in the city. The BBC World Service, CNN International, and several other international stations are also on the air in the city on satellite.


Sierra Leone National Premier League club, the Diamond Stars is based in Koidu. The club represents the Kono District.

Like the rest of Sierra Leone, football (soccer) is by far the most popular sport in Koidu Town. The Sierra Leonean professional football club known as the Diamond Stars of Kono, which is based in Koidu Town, represents the city and the entire Kono District in the Sierra Leone National Premier League. The Diamond Stars Football Club is overwhelmingly popular in Kono District and is one of the biggest football clubs in Sierra Leone. The Diamond Stars are the champions of the 2012 Sierra Leone National Premier League season, and the first club outside Freetown to ever won the Premier League.[4]


Notable Secondary Schools in Koidutown[edit]

Notable people from Koidu town[edit]


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