Kojál radio transmitter

Coordinates: 49°22′12″N 16°48′58″E / 49.37000°N 16.81611°E / 49.37000; 16.81611
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Kojál transmitter

The Transmitter Kojál, also known as Morava transmitter, (Czech: Vysílač Kojál) is a facility for FM- and TV-transmission at Kojál Hill near Brno in the Czech Republic. Its aerial mast is a 340-metre-high guyed mast. Mast is third tallest structure in the Czech Republic.

Mast was built as replacement of 324 metre tall guyed mast, built of lattice steel in 1959/60. This mast, which had a triangular cross section, was anchored in 4 levels, which were situated 63.75 metres, 135 metres, 213.75 metres and 292.5 metres above ground. In a height of 300 metres, it had a cabin with rooms for measurements. On this there was the antenna mast with antennas for FM (lower part) and TV (upper part) broadcasting.[1]

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49°22′12″N 16°48′58″E / 49.37000°N 16.81611°E / 49.37000; 16.81611