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Kojál transmitter

The Transmitter Kojál (also known as Morava transmitter) is a facility for FM- and TV-transmission at Kojál Hill near Brno in the Czech Republic. Its aerial mast is a 340 metre high guyed mast. Mast is third tallest structure in the Czech Republic.

Mast was built as replacement of 324 metre tall guyed mast, built of lattice steel in 1959/60. This mast, which had a triangular cross section, was anchored in 4 levels, which were situated 63.75 metres, 135 metres, 213.75 metres and 292.5 metres above ground. In a height of 300 metres, it had a cabin with rooms for measurements. On this there was the antenna mast with antennas for FM (lower part) and TV (upper part) broadcasting.[1]

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Coordinates: 49°22′12″N 16°48′58″E / 49.37000°N 16.81611°E / 49.37000; 16.81611