Kokowääh 2

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Kokowääh 2
Directed by Til Schweiger
Torsten Künstler (co-director)
Produced by Til Schweiger
Thomas Zickler
Béla Jarzyk
Written by Til Schweiger
Béla Jarzyk
Starring Til Schweiger
Emma Tiger Schweiger
Jasmin Gerat
Samuel Finzi
Music by Dirk Reichardt
Martin Todsharow
Cinematography Adrian Cranage
Erik Lee Steingröver
Edited by Constantin von Seld
Barefoot Films
Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures
Release dates
  • February 7, 2013 (2013-02-07)
Running time
123 minutes
Country Germany
Language German
Budget over €5 million

Kokowääh 2 is a 2013 German film directed by Til Schweiger and is a sequel to the 2011 film Kokowääh. It was released in German–speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) on February 7, 2013. The film stars Til Schweiger, his daughter Emma Tiger Schweiger, Jasmin Gerat and Samuel Finzi reprising their roles from the first film.


Two years have passed since Henry, Katharina, Tristan and Magdalena have become a family. Everyday life has returned, yet chaos breaks out. Henry begins a career as a film producer. For his first major film he has to work with the eccentric young actor Matthias Schweighöfer. Meanwhile, Katharina has become a mother and struggles with her role as a housewife and mother to baby Louis. She accuses Henry of taking no responsibility and seeks out her own apartment to give them a second chance. Tristan experiences his first midlife crises and Charlotte has left him to accept a job abroad. Tristan therefore enjoys his new freedom and gets a new young girlfriend Anna. Furthermore he moves in with Henry after Katharina moves out. The two men who now carry responsibility for Magdalena and the baby are becoming increasingly overwhelmed. So they hire an attractive nanny that moves in with them. This threatens Henry's possibility at a second chance with Katharina. Meanwhile, Magdalena falls in love with a boy for the first time.




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