Kolesov RD-36

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RD-36-51 installed on a (mothballed) Tu-144 aircraft
Type Turbojet
National origin Soviet Union
Manufacturer Kolesov Design Bureau
Major applications Tupolev Tu-144

The Kolesov RD-36 was a supersonic turbojet engine used on various Soviet aircraft projects.

The RD-36-51 was used on the Tu-144D SST.[1] It had a translating-plug variable-area nozzle.

The RD-36-51A produced 20,000 kgf thrust at take-off and had a cruise thrust-specific fuel consumption of 1.22 kg/(kgf. h).[2] which gave the aircraft a maximum range of 6,500 km.

The engine was a replacement for the Kuznetsov NK-144 turbofan, giving an increase in full payload range from 3,080km to 5,330km.[2]












Created on the basis of the engine 'VD-19' [5]. Thrust - 16 150 kgf



Single-spool aviation turbojet.

Developed in OKB-36 P. A. Kolesov. The engine was produced at Rybinsk Motor-Building Plant. The RD-36-51A engine version was developed for a passenger supersonic aircraft Tu-144D. A simplified modification with a fixed nozzle for a high-altitude Myasishchev M-17 was designated as RD-36-51B. The engine develops a thrust of 68.6 kN (7000 kgf). The RD36-51A engine passed all state bench and flight (on the Tu-144D aircraft) tests in 1973-75. The engine had following parameters:[6]

  • Maximum thrust at take-off = 20,000 kgf
  • Maximum thrust during supersonic cruise = 5000 kgf (altitude = 18000 m, speed = 2350 km / h)
  • Maximum thrust during subsonic cruise= 3000 kgf (altitude = 11000 m, speed = 1000 km / h)
  • Temperature = 1355 K
  • Diameter = 1486 mm
  • Length = 5976 mm
  • Mass = 3900 kg

For the high-altitude aircraft M-17 "Stratosphere" a single-shaft TRD RD36-51B was created - a modification of the RD36-51A engine with an unregulated nozzle and oxygen supply to the combustion chamber. The engine provides long-term operation at an altitude of 26,000 m at low flight speed (M = 0.6).

  • P = 7000 kgf
  • With beats. vsl. = 0,88 kg / kgf • h.

RD-36-51A / B are released in a small series (about 50 pieces).




Specifications (RD-36-51)[edit]

General characteristics

  • Type: Turbojet
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Dry weight:


  • Compressor: Axial


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