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The Komatsu 830E is an ultra class haul truck used in open pit mining designed and built in Peoria, Illinois by Komatsu America Corporation, whose parent company is the Japanese held company Komatsu Ltd.[1] [2]

The Komatsu 830E is notable for the rated capacity of 231,000 kilograms (255 short tons).[1] While large, the 830E's capacity is just under two-thirds the capacity of its two largest competitors. the Liebherr T 282C and Caterpillar 797B. It differs from conventional dump trucks as it uses an electric drive system instead of a transmission/differential drive. The diesel engine is connected to a GE traction alternator then high voltage cables transfer electricity to the two wheel motors at the rear of the truck.

Previously the 830E was made by Dresser Industries, before it was taken over by Komatsu.

Komatsu 830E specifications[1][2]
body capacity 231,000 kilograms (255 short tons)
transmission type diesel-electric
power 1,835 kilowatts (2,461 hp)
unladen Weight 154,852 kilograms (170.695 short tons)
heaped Capacity 147 cubic metres (192 cu yd)
loading Height 6.71 metres (22.0 ft)
dump Angle 45o
engine model Komatsu SDA16V160/Cummins QSK60
engine displacement 60 litres (3,700 cu in)
number of cylinders 16
Transmission type Diesel electric Drive; 4x2
Maximum speed 62 kilometres per hour (39 mph)
Gradeability 20%
Weight distribution, Dimensions, etc.
Operating Weight 385,852 kilograms (425.329 short tons)
Length 14.15 metres (46.4 ft)
Width 7.29 metres (23.9 ft)
Height 6.88 metres (22.6 ft)
Turning circle 28.4 metres (93 ft)
Tyres F/R 40.00R57


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