Komatsu D475A

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Komatsu D475A
Type Bulldozer/ripper
Manufacturer Komatsu Ltd.
Production 1986-present
Length 37 feet 11 inches (11.56 m)
Width 17 feet 3 inches (5.26 m) (width of standard blade)
Height 15 feet 3 inches (4.65 m)
Weight 238,960 pounds (108,390 kg)
Propulsion Tracks

The Komatsu D475A is the second largest bulldozer in the Komatsu line after the D575A, the world's largest production bulldozer.[1] The current version is the 238,960 pounds (108,390 kg), 899 horsepower (670 kW) D475A-5 Tier 2.[2] There are several versions of the D475A that are used in surface mining, open-pit mining, quarries and construction worldwide.

The 740 horsepower (550 kW) D475A-1 was introduced in 1986 as a replacement for the 650 horsepower (480 kW) D455A.

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