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Kombi or Combi may refer to:


  • Battle of Kombi, a 1647 battle between Ndongo-Matamba (assisted by the Dutch) and the Portuguese
  • Kombi, a Japanese term for a comedy duo
  • Kombi (band), a Polish pop rock band
  • Kombini, a type of Japanese convenience store
  • Volkswagen Type 2 or Kombi, a panel van introduced in 1950
  • Izh 2125 or Kombi, a compact car produced by the Soviet Union
  • Kombi, Iran, a village in Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran
  • A term for a minibus in South Africa


  • Gianpiero Combi, an Italian footballer
  • Combi aircraft, aircraft designed to carry both passengers and freight
  • Combi boiler, a kind of central heating boiler which is popular in Europe
  • Combi (car style), also known as a station wagon or estate car
  • Combi coupé, a term used by Saab for some of its hatchback automobile models
  • Combi steamer, an oven type used for baking with dry heat, steam heat, or a combination of both to yield humidity control
  • Giampiero Combi, former Italian football goalkeeper
  • Kia Combi or Asia Combi, a series of mini-buses built from 1983 to 2002
  • Truvelo Combi, a model of camera used to measure vehicle speed
  • Combi, a type of taxi service in Lima, Peru — see Transport in Lima
  • Kombi, a type of minivan taxis in Zimbabwe, similar to marshrutkas in Eastern Europe.
  • Combo television units, sometimes referred to as Combi TVs

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