Kong Island

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Kong Island
Kong Island.jpg
Italian theatrical poster
Directed by Roberto Mauri
Produced by Walter Brandi
Ralph Zucker
Dick Randall
Brad Harris
Written by Walter Brandi
Ralph Zucker
Roberto Mauri
Starring Brad Harris
Esmeralda Barros
Marc Lawrence
Music by Roberto Pregadio
Cinematography Mario Mancini
Edited by Nella Nannuzzi
Distributed by Better Television Distribution
Release date
29 September 1968
Running time
92 min
Country Italy
Language Italian

Kong Island (Original Italian title: Eva, la Venere selvaggia; translated as Eve, the Wild Woman) is a 1968 jungle adventure film (with a science fiction element) directed by Roberto Mauri (billed as Robert Morris). The film was promoted in the U.S. as King of Kong Island.

Plot synopsis[edit]

The story takes place in the jungles of Kenya and its capital city Nairobi. Despite the title, there is no island (and no "Kong"). Mad scientist Albert Muller is experimenting with small radio transmitters implanted in the brains of gorillas that control their minds. These are test subjects with the ultimate goal of doing this to humans.

Diana, daughter of bar owner Theodore (no last name is mentioned) is abducted by apes under Muller's control during a safari. A rescue team led by mercenary adventurer Burt Dawson (Brad Harris) heads into the jungle to find her. Along the way his group is attacked by hostile natives and Burt is captured. After he escapes, Burt meets a legendary white jungle girl the natives call the Sacred Monkey (In the English dubbed version, he first calls her Eve, but later everyone refers to her as Eva).

Eva is a Tarzan-like orphan who grew up alone in the jungle. She wears only a leather loincloth and her waist-length black hair covers her breasts. She does not speak English but can communicate with animals and has a pet chimpanzee. She has one of Diana's bracelets and eventually leads Burt to a cave where she is being held prisoner by Muller. Unlike virtually every other film which features a jungle girl character, this story concentrates on Burt and his love interest Diana with Eva confined to a marginal supporting role.



Contrary to popular belief, this film has nothing to do with King Kong and does not take place on an island. The film is in the public domain.

In 2014, the film was featured in RiffTrax where former Mystery Science Theater 3000 cast members mocked it.

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