Kootenay Bay

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Kootenay Bay
Kootenay Bay is located in British Columbia
Kootenay Bay
Kootenay Bay
Location of Kootenay Bay in British Columbia
Coordinates: 49°41′00″N 116°52′00″W / 49.68333°N 116.86667°W / 49.68333; -116.86667Coordinates: 49°41′00″N 116°52′00″W / 49.68333°N 116.86667°W / 49.68333; -116.86667
Country  Canada
Province  British Columbia
Area code(s) 250, 778

Kootenay Bay is an unincorporated community, ferry landing and former steamboat landing on the east side of Kootenay Lake,[1] located on the bay of the same name.[2] The ferry, operated by BC Ferries, crosses the lake to Balfour, and forms a link in BC Highway 3A, which leads west from Balfour to nearby Nelson, and from Kootenay Bay leads south to Creston.