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Korekyojinn (是巨人) (also spelled Korekyojin) is a Japanese progressive rock power trio. Founded in 1998, the band is a project by members of several bands within the Japanese progressive rock/zeuhl scene and has released albums on two US labels, John Zorn's Tzadik Records and Skin Graft Records as well as on the Japanese label Magaibutsu.[1] In Japanese, the band's name means "this giant" and is a pun on the band names This Heat and Gentle Giant.[2]


Drummer Tatsuya Yoshida, owner of the Magaibutsu label, has founded the band Ruins and has been active in several other bands and collaborations, e.g. Kōenjihyakkei and Daimonji.[3] Bassist Mitsuro Nasuno was a member of the noise/improvisation bands Ground Zero and Altered States and has been a member of Daimonji;[2][4][5] guitarist Natsuki Kido has been a member of the zeuhl band Bondage Fruit.[6]


Korekyojinn plays instrumental music composed by Yoshida Tatsuya. The band web page describes it as "Progressive Jazz Rock Polyrhythmique" – "where progressive rock and contemporary jazz collide into a breathtaking, futuristic, hard rock funk".[2]


Allmusic reviewers have awarded the first album Korekyojin (1999) with 3.5/5 and the third album Isotope (2005) with 4/5 stars,[1] while Sean Westergaard states in his unrated Allmusic review of Tundra (2011): "Tundra is a great album by a great band".[7] Pitchfork Media's Dominique Leone reviewed the second album Arabesque (2004) with a rating of 8/10.[8] The German progressive rock review website Babyblaue Seiten rated Korekyojin and Arabesque with 11/15 and Isotope with 13/15.[9]


  • 1999: Korekyojin (Tzadik)
  • 2004: Arabesque (Magaibutsu)
  • 2005: Isotope (Tzadik)
  • 2006: Jackson (Magaibutsu)
  • 2009: Swan Dive (Magaibutsu)
  • 2011: Doldrums (with Tsuboy Akihisa) (Magaibutsu)
  • 2011: Tundra (Magaibutsu/Skin Graft)


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