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Кошкөл (Koshköl)
On the beach in Koshkol'
On the beach in Koshkol'
Koshkol' is located in Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates: 42°31′48″N 76°36′36″E / 42.53000°N 76.61000°E / 42.53000; 76.61000Coordinates: 42°31′48″N 76°36′36″E / 42.53000°N 76.61000°E / 42.53000; 76.61000
RegionIssyk-Kul Region
DistrictIssyk Kul District
1,626 m (5,335 ft)
 • Total384
Time zoneUTC +5

Koshkol' (Kyrgyz: Кошкөл; Russian: Кош-Кол or Кош-Коль) is a village in the Issyk-Kul Region of Kyrgyzstan. The village name has also been transliterated as Kosh-Kël' or Kosh-Kel'. Its population was 384 in 2009.[1]

It is located in the Issyk Kul District of this province, near the northern shore of Lake Issyk Kul between Balykchy and Cholpon-Ata. The village includes two built-up areas. First, the actual residential village, located along the Balykchy-Cholpon-Ata-Karakol highway, as it cuts across the base of a Koshkol promontory jutting into Lake Issyk Kul; this section is within a couple kilometers away from the lake shore. Second, the name Koshkol' is also applied to the resort strip to the south of the village, on the south-eastern shore of the peninsula. Most of the resort buildings there are decidedly Soviet-era; as of 2007, some of them appeared abandoned, while others received visitors.



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