Kotli Kalan

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Kotli Kalan
Kotli Kalan is located in Pakistan
Kotli Kalan
Kotli Kalan
Location within Pakistan
Coordinates: 33°50′54.1″N 71°52′14.2″E / 33.848361°N 71.870611°E / 33.848361; 71.870611Coordinates: 33°50′54.1″N 71°52′14.2″E / 33.848361°N 71.870611°E / 33.848361; 71.870611
ProvinceKhyber Pakhtunkhwa
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)

Kotli Kalan is a village in Pabbi Tehsil of Nowshera District of Khyber Paktunkhwa. It is the neighbouring village of Saleh Khana and is surrounded by the Cherat mountains.


There are many banks in the village. Its bazaar (market) is one of the more famous of all neighboring villages. People from neighboring villages come to the market to meet friends and family, but mainly because it is the only market that serves both villages. The main language spoken here is Pashto, however pupils are taught the national language of Pakistan which is Urdu, therefore being bilingual.

The people of the neighboring village of Saleh Khana sometimes refer to the village as Shangre khel, referring to its inhabitants as a whole regardless of clans as Kotli Kalan and its Bazaar as Kotli Kalan Main Bazaar. Many villagers have since moved abroad to countries like England (primarily Aylesbury and Birmingham), Norway, Italy and Canada. The village is nicknamed "Little England" because the villagers have traveled abroad to the UK primarily Birmingham, England. The villagers are known for their beauty as they generally consist of colored eyes and light skin.

Previously, both villages Saleh Khana and Kotil kalan were one village, however due to a dispute, the two villages separated by becoming two separate villages for the people who had lived here, in order for the dispute to end.

Tribe and Clans[edit]

The village is inhabited by one tribe which are the Khattak.

The clans are:

  • Tatar Khel
  • Namwar Khel
  • Tharkan Khel
  • Shahatar Khel
  • Dhurran Khel (There was originally two dhurrunkhel, one is Saleh Khana as well, but they split up into two separate clans.)
  • Amir Jan Khel

These clans may merge as family and friends are married in to different cohorts, therefore becoming close to one another.


Education in Kotil kalan is given to both boys and girls from the ages of years and above. Children are taught the core subjects which are maths, science and Pakistan's history. Before every start to the school day children will recite Pakistan's national anthem.

Some intellectual children may continue their studies and will go to the prestigious university college of Peshawar called Islamia college Peshawar gaining careers that are much needed in the village.

Although, some older children may continue their education abroad in the UK or in Europe, therefore again achieving a career in the end of their degree.

Due to many families living the UK, families will send money from the UK to encourage children in the village to educate themselves which some families may not have been able to do previously because large sums of money having to be paid in order to be educated, this then results in a more educated youth who may choose to continue their education in other cities in the country.